The Terminus account-based marketing platform helps B2B marketers run efficient ABM programs at scale

Why you should consider Terminus

Targeting the right accounts is the cornerstone of ABM success. Terminus makes it easy to build and manage prioritized account lists using the firmographics you have, and the intent, engagement, and relationship data you need.

Build account audiences once, run campaigns across display advertising, Linkedin, retargeting, direct mail, email, and marketing automation. Terminus helps you reach more of the buying committee, everywhere they are.

Deliver precision account intelligence that accelerates sales by helping reps focus on what matters most. Show sales which accounts are ready for a conversation, and arm them with the right messages for the right decision makers at the right time.

Account-based marketing demands better measurement tools, that combine attribution and influence reporting to show the full impact of your ABM programs. Visualize the account journey from first engagement, to first sale, to account expansion. Identify the channels and activities that drive pipeline. Measurement is built into everything Terminus does.