Journey Sales-Smart Rooms

Journey Sales-Smart Rooms

Account-based selling isn’t about more activity. It’s about people, content and collaboration—at all phases of the customer lifecycle.

Why you should consider Journey Sales-Smart Rooms

Smart Rooms are private digital collaboration spaces where a sales team and a customer team can work together, engage key decision-makers, invite colleagues, quickly reach consensus and more. Say goodbye to repeat conversations, endless emailing and unproductive phone calls and say hello to everyone on the same page.

From product spec sheets & videos to articles & infographics, Smart Rooms make it easy for sales and account teams to tee up content that's even easier for customers to engage with—exactly when they need it.

No more endless email or redundant calls. Smart Rooms smash communication silos and deliver a cohesive solution where everyone from both sides of the table is in-the-know, working together—no matter when they join the journey.

Smart Plays automate certain sales activities to drive the buyer journey forward. Deliver timely messages, relevant content, and useful insights based on stage, persona or activity data—without the guesswork.

Smart Rooms deliver account and individual level activity and engagement insights to help your team drive account planning and execution, optimize content, allocate resources and create truly personalized buying experiences.

Create customer-ready Smart Rooms from directly within Salesforce in just a few clicks. Integrate with apps like Sharepoint, Google Drive, Vimeo and YouTube while doubling down on your CRM investment.