How To Create a Sales Machine, Learn Sales Ops and Management, Master Sales Process, Become a Great Sales Manager

Creating a smoothly running sales machine is easier than you think

Sales operations and sales management is the oil that keeps the sales machine running at full efficiency. With multiple people managing multiple parts of the sales process effective workflows, operations manuals, and management techniques need to be in place to ensure that the prospects can quickly and easily flow through a company’s sales process.

Five steps to building sales an effective sales machine

  • Step 1: Define and set clear goals

  • Step 2: Set metrics related to achieving goals

  • Step 3: Define and set clear expectations

  • Topic 4: Create and maintain an up to date playbook

  • Topic 5: Review performance in a regularly

Learn everything there is to know about sales operations and sales management.

Sales Operations & Management

What is sales operations

Prospect Targeting

Demographic data
Persona Data
Parsing Titles
Reaching out

Revenue Modeling

Market Sizing
Vertical Sizing


Compensation Plan

Sales Tools and Team Building

CRM Logging
Battle cards
Sales Playbooks
Sales Meetings
CRM Setup
Pipeline Meetings