Battle Cards

Battle cards are short, usually one page documents that outline any information an organizations has on their competitors. As such, battle cards are a staple of the of any sales organization.

The format of a battle card is in bullets and short lists. In this way reps can quickly and easily scan the document and find the information they are looking for.


The information that is usually contained within the battle card are as follows;

Company information;

  • When was the company founded, 

  • Who are the key people at the company,

  • Company location(s)

  • Notable clients

  • Recent news information

  • Other key competitors in the space

Product information

  • Key differentiator in the marketplace

  • Product line(s)

  • Key features of each product

Product comparisons


  • Where the competitor wins

  • Where your product wins

  • How to differentiate from competitor product

  • How to differentiate from competitor feature set

  • Pricing information