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Inside Sales Made Easy

Welcome to Inside Sales Made Easy. For most companies, particularly technology or software as a service (SaaS) companies, inside sales is a core function. Despite being a core function, many companies neglect to put into place the building blocks and workflows that will make an inside sales team effective.

The main reasons that inside sales is a core function of SaaS companies are;

  • Inside sales is the front line of communication for interested inquiries.

  • Inside sales is the outreach arm for finding prospects.

  • Inside sales builds pipeline and revenue so companies can grow and solicit investments.

This site has been developed to help companies build their first inside sales team. Train their existing inside sales team, or manage their existing inside sales team.

Build a great inside sales team in five easy steps

  • Five basic steps to building a great team

  • Step 1: Hire & train in cohorts

  • Step 2: Set goals & targets with an achievable roadmap

  • Step 3: Create visible dashboards

  • Step 4: Provide continuous training

  • Step 5: Continuously recognize success

Learn the Basics of Sales

In the most simplistic terms, there are 6 steps to the sales process
Step 1: Prospecting

Prospecting creates opportunities for account executives so that they can spend their time selling to sales-ready prospects that have been qualified by sales development reps.

Step 2: Discovery

Discovery calls are crucial for sales professionals to understand the details of a prospect's situation and needs. It sets the tone for the relationship, pre- and post-sale.

Step 3: Demo Product / Service

A well researched and prepared product or service demo allows the customer to see and feel how things will be better if they buy (and worse if they don't).

Step 4: Building the Solution

The solution addresses all of the needs and issues, requirements for success, details for delivery, and any additional information presented in the demo.

Step 5: Closing the Sale

Closing is about advancing the sales process. It includes addressing any obstacles, reviewing details of the sale, getting agreements signed, and payment negotiated.

Step 6: After The Close

What happens after the sale is almost as important as the sale itself. This is where you grow the relationship and build upon the solution through great service and support.

Important Topics in Inside Sales

Sales Team


Finding Recruits
How to interview
Preparing an offer


CRM Basics
Sales Pitch
Role Playing


Building Teams
Hand Offs


What is a discovery call
Goals of a discovery call
4 steps to a successful discovery


Next Steps
The Follow Up Email

The Demo

What is the goal of a demo
How to run a successful demo
Closing the demo

Solution Building

What is solution building
What is a statement of work
How to make a statement of work


What are buying signs
What is involved in closing
How to close the deal

Post Close

Late invoices

Sales Operations & Management

What is sales operations

Prospect Targeting

Demographic data
Persona Data
Parsing Titles
Reaching out

Revenue Modeling

Market Sizing
Vertical Sizing


Compensation Plan

Sales Tools and Team Building

CRM Logging
Battle cards
Sales Playbooks
Sales Meetings
CRM Setup
Pipeline Meetings